Welcome to E-Vidya

All new E-Vidya is back!


We start off with a series of advanced learning workshops on cutting-edge deep technology subjects that are likely to rule the technology world in the 2020s. The E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops are conducted by leading experts in a direct interactive class room mode.

Who should attend

Various durations of workshops are offered to suit the needs of different categories of learners including working industry professionals looking to re-skill themselves, senior technical leaders and managers seeking strong understanding of the technologies their teams work with, graduating and senior level university students looking to strengthen their industry-relevant knowledge and skills, and others seeking strong conceptual understanding of deep technology topics of their interest. Both open-registration public workshops and in-house customized workshops for corporate learner groups are on offer. The workshops will be followed up by continued learning through discussion and sharing of new learning resources curated by experts in online communities and forums at the E-Vidya (TM) website.

The inaugural workshop of the E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops series was a 1-day deep-dive workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on 31 Aug 2019 at Bangalore.