New Workshop on Embedded AI on the Edge

Submitted by evidya on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 12:56

This is a heads-up on a new E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshop in AI & ML coming up soon.

Our 1-day deep-dive workshop on AI & ML overview delivered by Dr. Chandan Haldar was launched by the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) as an open registration workshop on 31 Aug 2019. It was very well received (summary of participant feedback) . The same workshop was also delivered in closed sessions to companies in India looking to leverage AI & ML techniques in their products and solutions.

Many participants of the workshop wanted more hands-on versions of the AI & ML workshop. Further feedback from the community indicate that there is high interest in incorporating AI inferencing based models and decision algorithms in embedded IoT class devices on the edge. In response to this demand, we are launching a new workshop on this topic.

The primary goal of this 1-day workshop is to illustrate step-by-step construction of Edge AI based sensory IoT solutions dealing with real-time pattern recognition over time series signals and the deployment of the AI on some of the world's simplest and most lightweight microcontrollers and low-power single-board computers. Relevant ML algorithms will be explained as background material for the hands-on session.

Watch this site for future announcements regarding this workshop.