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All new E-Vidya is back! We start off with a series of advanced learning workshops on cutting-edge deep technology subjects that are likely to rule the technology world in the 2020s. The E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops are conducted by leading experts in a direct interactive class room mode.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: 31 Aug 2019 at Bangalore

Submitted by evidya on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 13:41

The inaugural workshop of the E-Vidyaâ„¢ Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops series is a 1-day deep-dive workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Saturday 31 Aug 2019 at Bangalore. Read on for more details of this workshop.

The brochure attached at the end of this page provides further details.

The conversation on this workshop is happening on the forum here.