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All new E-Vidya is back! We start off with a series of advanced learning workshops on cutting-edge deep technology subjects that are likely to rule the technology world in the 2020s. The E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops are conducted by leading experts in a direct interactive class room mode. User registration on this E-Vidya website is now open for E-Vidya workshop participants. Registered users may also invite their friends and colleagues to register.

AI & Machine Learning - Live Online E-Vidya Workshop

Submitted by evidya on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 15:22


The E-Vidya Intensive Advanced Learning Workshop Series is going online.

[ Limited number of free passes available for full-time students who are registered users of E-Vidya website. ]

Turn Work-from-Home restraints into a great learning opportunity for technology professionals and students.

Through live videoconferencing and online presentation.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: 31 Aug 2019 at Bangalore

Submitted by evidya on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 13:41

Note: The feedback from the participants of this workshop is now available.

The inaugural workshop of the E-Vidya™ Intensive Advanced Learning Workshops series is a 1-day deep-dive workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Saturday 31 Aug 2019 at Bangalore. Read on for more details of this workshop.

The brochure attached at the end of this page provides further details.