Selection of AI and ML tools and datasets

Submitted by chandan on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 15:42

Some of you requested handouts of the slides that I used in the workshop to describe to you some of the tools and datasets that are helpful in getting hands-on with AI and ML. The slides are attached below (signed-up users only).

These are of course very short selections from the vast range of tools and datasets available for your use. Almost all of the best tools are open-source. So are many of the most useful datasets, especially those likely to be useful for newbies. As usual, the Wikipedia pages that list the tools and datasets (see the relevant slides in the attachment) offer excellent long lists of available tools and datasets. If you are in need of more breadth in your r'epertoire of tools and datasets, please consult those pages. If you try out any tools and datasets, consider sharing your experiences on these E-Vidya forums so that all of us can benefit from your findings.